Excerpt from Chapter 5 of “Power Up for the God Challenge: The Battle to Receive Your Real Man”

Published September 15, 2017
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We grow up believing that the criteria for becoming a man are reaching a certain age, having a job, graduating from college, and renting or owning a home. We have been led to believe that manhood naturally occurs at one or more of these benchmarks, but the Word of God reveals differently. God reveals that manhood begins when a boy puts the ways of childhood to rest and becomes complete in the love of Jesus.

Putting the ways of childhood to rest means relinquishing the behaviors of and belief in the world and making a conscious decision to put others first because of the love of Jesus that dwells within. For example, someone who has put to rest the ways of childhood willing renounces any dishonest or self-absorbed behavior and embraces the attributes of love. When a boy transitions to a man, he understands his role as a man of God and makes an effort to live that role. When a boy becomes a man, he abandons the thoughts, speech, and reasoning of a child, which are normally centered on getting what he wants. Not all attributes that children have will be poor traits in manhood (for example, innocence, love, kindness, and compassion), but those traits that accompany the ways of the world and are particularly self-centered can be detrimental to a man. Though a real man will fall short, which is expected, he does try to follow the Spirit and not the world. He will put away the games that he played in “childhood,” which may have included being unfaithful, using women, abusing women, and pretending to be something he was not. A man understands that he does not need to engage in behavior that is contrary to what God has called him to be. He has a genuinely authentic desire to pursue Jesus and to love and edify you and others.