Excerpt from Chapter 4 of “Power Up for the God Challenge: The Battle to Receive Your Real Man”

Published September 12, 2017
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The User is the fourth and final type of boy discussed in this volume. Though he shares similar traits with his counterparts, the User has definitive differences setting him apart. He does not use women only for sex; more planning and thinking than that is involved when the User plans/plots. In yesteryear, it was common for men to use women for sex and then tell their friends all about it. It was called locker room talk. Some had to work really hard, but others, not as much. Regardless, what was most important to the User was that he set out to conquer and he was successful. Today, things are different because there are additional motivations.

Now, women exercise their rights to have more and, as such, have acquired a significant trove, meaning they have more to offer and more for Users to take. We can now be owners of houses and luxury cars, with money in the bank and professional careers that afford us niceties. A woman can even get pregnant without a man being physically present. The User will seek to benefit from such women and their many accomplishments.