Excerpt from Chapter 6 of “God Wants You to Be the Man and So Does She”

Published August 25, 2017
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Transitioning from a boy to a man is an essential component of Christian growth. As discussed in an earlier chapter, it is not something that automatically happens at a certain age. Some people think they achieve manhood when they graduate from college, move out of their parent’s home, rent an apartment, amass wealth, accomplish the American dream of owning a home, pay their own bills, land the dream job, or have children. Becoming a man happens when you are born again and give your life to Jesus and make a conscientious effort to honor Him in all you do. Remember God’s definition of man: Man is the crown of God’s glory and is made in His image and His likeness. As a man, you leave all of the boyish traits behind you – the lying, cheating, bullying, and pretending – and openly embrace His love.